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Fast Talkers

A major part of drowning prevention is education. And when it comes to truly reaching and influencing the actions of kids, there is no better messenger than a peer.

FAST Talkers, an educational outreach program of swimmers who have participated in the Swim F.A.S.T. San Francisco Bay swims, go into Pre-K through 2nd grade classrooms with a water safety messages wrapped into the unique story of their open water swimming achievements. They are a dedicated group of accomplished swimmers that instantly command attention and respect as they reach out to younger kids to make a difference.

FAST Talkers helping young children realize the dangers that water can present no matter how attractive it appears, give them a respect for that danger, and provide a motivation for learning safety and swimming skills. By knowing basic rules of water safety even young children can become safer around the water.

FAST Talkers became a nationally recognized program at the 7th Annual National Drowning Prevention Symposium in 2008. One comment from an audience member:

“I’m really impressed that these young swimmers can get out to communities and help in a way that adults can’t… they can reach preschoolers at a different level and actually capture their attention.”

To request a Fast Talker to visit your school or classroom please contact us for more information.