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Joe’s Water Safety Tips

Safer Water

Safer Water refers to the protection against an unauthorized entry to a pool or
spa by a child that has little or no swimming skills. There are many types of protection available including barrier fencing with latching gates, alarms, door locks and pool covers.

Safer Kids

Safer Kids involves both caretaker and the potential victim, the child. Constant adult supervision by one with swimming ability, swim skill attainment through on going lesson programs by qualified instructors, education of both parents and children as to proper behavior in and around the water are key components.

Safer Response

Safer Response is the preparation for the event of a drowning accident. Rescue techniques such as CPR and rescue breathing should be learned and reviewed, developing an action plan and having rescue equipment on hand are also important.

Kids can be “Safer” but NEVER “Safe”. The “r” is safer reminds you of the RISK. No matter what you do you child is never “drown proof”…all children, no matter how well they think they can swim, require constant supervision around any type of water.

*Courtesy of the Swim for Life Foundation

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